The 9th edition of “Florida Firearms — Law, Use & Ownership” is rated as one of the best  Florida & Federal gun law book for over 25 years.


The book explains Florida gun laws, Florida self defense laws,  Florida weapon laws, and all related federal firearm laws, as well as gives a number of scenarios, and how to react to them legally.  It has sold over 285,000 copies,  and publishes yearly free updates on the web that can be downloaded, to keep your book current on changing laws, usually in mid June or early July. 


The book covers and explains all Florida gun laws; Federal  gun laws, weapon laws, and self defense laws,  (except hunting).  Like I previously mentioned,  it also gives a number of scenarios that often happen, and how to handle them — including dealing with law enforcement officers, and the courts.  It has been given excellent reviews by the NRA, GOA, Florida Sheriff’s Association, Florida Association of State Troopers, The Florida Bar Association, American Firearms Industry, and many others.   


The Foreword is written by the legendary self defense expert and author, Massad Ayoob, and Mr. Gutmacher is considered the leading legal authority on firearm, weapon, and self defense issues in Florida.  If you want the recognized, most authoritative  book on Florida gun laws, Federal gun laws, Florida self defense laws, and Florida weapon laws, that explains all these laws (guns, knives, pepper spray, bows, ASP, NFA, etc.), with practical recommendations,  in an understandable format, and is written primarily for the layman — this is the book that has set the standard for all books of its kind in the nation, over twenty five years in the running.


Florida Firearms - Law, Use & Ownership

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