NEW Drill Card Expansion Pack One for LOG-002 (Includes 30 Drill Cards, 2 each of 15 Drills D-046 to D-060 and more.) EXP-002-1


This is the first drill card expansion pack for LOG-002. Own and try all of the drills available in the drill card store-library.


Note: If you purchased LOG-002 it includes drills D-001 to D-045. Expansion EXP-002-1 pack includes the new drills D-046 to D-060.


The expansion pack includes:

  • 30 Drill Cards – 2 Each of Drill Cards D-046 to D-060
  • 7 Loadout Cards
  • 20 Log Cards
  • Current Drill Index Cards

Drill Card Expansion Pack

SKU: EXP-002-1
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