These policies and procedures are in place to protect not only ourselves, but our country. We feel prudence demands we hold our students and ourselves to a higher standard. Your understanding and support is greatly appreciated in this manner. GUN TRAINING 305 reserves the right to change, update or alter our policies at any time and without notification.



For some GUN TRAINING 305 classes we will be requiring more stringent student credentials. Failure to provide required material may result in dismissal from class and forfeiture of class registration fee. 

All our Training courses are limited to United States citizens or United States Permanent Residents who meet the appropriate criteria.

In some cases we can request you to provide any valid state Concealed Weapon Permit (C.C.W.) 



GUN TRAINING 305 reserve the right to refuse business or services to any individuals or organizations without providing an explanation. Final approval for attendance is at the sole discretion of our staff and is non-negotiable.



GUN TRAINING 305 reserves the right to change or alter our class fees or payment policies at any time and without notification. We will train regardless of global tensions or under any weather conditions and therefore will not issue a refund on account of circumstances outside of our control.

Full payment of the class registration fees is required prior to access class.

To guarantee your seat in class a non-refundable deposit will be charged upon registration; this deposit is a portion of the total class price and will be deducted of the remaining balance which you have to paid in full prior to enter the class. 

For any cancellations please contact us via email at: info@guntraining305.com

For GUN TRAINING 305 classes; cancellations greater than 30 days from first day of class will receive a refund of the payments made minus the non-refundable deposit.

For GUN TRAINING 305 classes; first time cancellations inside of 30 days from first day of class will receive a credit voucher for the payments made good for 6 months from the original class date. After that period the voucher will be cancel and no refund of any kind will be issued. 


Speaking with personal by phone or other means does not qualify as an official notice.

We must receive an email stating your intentions from the same email address used to register or we will not honor the request.

Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the full class registration fees.

Students who voluntarily dis-enroll from training after training begins forfeits their whole class registration fee.

Students who are dismissed from training due to safety risks will be prorated their class registration fee minus the non-refundable deposit.

Training class slots are limited to a first come first serve basis.

Once our class maximums have been reached no further students will be admitted.

Students may submit an application for our standby list in case of an opening for cancellations.

Stand by students will be giving 24 hours to confirm attendance or forfeit their position to the next name on the standby list.

In the event we have postpone, reschedule or cancel a class due to circumstances beyond our control, a new class date will be provided in a timely manner (usually 10 business days or less). We reserve the right to postpone, reschedule or cancel classes at our discretion. If the student cannot attend the new class dates, then a credit voucher will be issued equal to the class registration fee good for 6 months from the new class convening date. If the student wishes to cancel then a full refund minus the non-refundable fee shall be issued.



Students are responsible for all range fees unless otherwise is stated on the course fees description. Range fees will be collected by a representative of the range facility on the first day of class at the range. 



GUN TRAINING 305 reserves the right to remove and if necessary, eject from training any student who represents a danger to himself or the class. Failing to follow instructor instructions, safety rules or conduct deemed unsafe or unbecoming will result in the immediate removal. Students who are ejected from training will be asked to leave immediately. GUN TRAINING 305 and the Ranges we use during courses follow an Operational Risk Management (ORM) policy regarding safe training practices and student-instructor ratios.